Can I create an adaptable templates?

Use placeholders to create adaptable templates that can be easily personalized, while ensuring a unified layout and staying on brand.

What is a placeholder?

Placeholders are dynamic elements of a design that can be modified in a specific, predefined way. Placeholders can be chosen and defined in a creator role and adapted by users interacting with a template.

Assigning placeholders

Each element of the design can serve as a placeholder and each placeholder can behave in a different way. A creator can choose how an adopter can interact with every element, allowing changes ranging from basic to advanced.

Choosing constraints

In a creator mode, placeholders can give permission to:

  • Replace content - giving users permission to change visual or written content
  • Arrange - including separate permissions for: move, scale, rotate, and flip
  • Style - allowing visual adjustments like contrast, brightness, or filters
  • Delete - element can be removed
  • Duplicate - element can be duplicated

Benefits of placeholders

Creating smart templates with the use of placeholders and custom constraints can jump-start the creative process and make design creation easy and accessible to anyone. It can also ensure staying on brand by allowing customization of only specific parts of the design - especially useful for creative agencies or franchises.

Adapting placeholders

As an adopter interacting with a template, the design process is straightforward, without the possibility to perform actions and edits that weren’t allowed by a creator.