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Do you offer design validation for the print-ready artworks?

Yes, we offer expandability of CE.SDK with 3rd parties, such as Design validation. 

Custom rules

Set rules for design and layout feedback such as minimum image resolution and checks against elements beyond the visible area or protruding beyond a page. Predefined minimum image resolution ensures a design production process that can be displayed on different devices and scaled or resized according to needs without any quality loss. It also eliminates the risk of granular or low-quality prints.

Automatic notifications

Notifications of errors such as elements that are either outside or protruding from the page reduce the risk of misprints. While this function can streamline production and printing process for all, it’s especially useful when catering to users with limited print knowledge, where the risk of print errors is the highest.

Detailed feedback

Layout feedback is designed to make necessary changes as quickly and easily as possible. With pushed automatic notifications, the editor highlights found errors describing the problems and classifying their possibility (certain with red, likely with yellow). You can easily identify problematic elements and act on each notification by clicking “Select” on the notification bar. Validation checks are constantly running, hence, once errors are fixed, the editor will automatically remove the notification, or produce a new one in case during the fix another error has been triggered. 

Your teams and users can easily identify any problems and make quick fixes, so the final result is up to their satisfaction.

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