Do you offer advanced photo editing solutions?

Bring quick and intuitive photo editing features to your users. Photo UI consists of features such as crop, adjust, and filter. Easy yet powerful tools that can help users to enhance their photos and achieve desired creative effect. Users can take and upload photos, or if needed, choose from provided asset library. 

The number of features and their extensivity can be predefined and adjusted to match your specific use case and user preference.


The crop tool includes straightening and scaling, both with rotation and flip functions. Great to allow users to get a profile photo out of a group picture, or quickly adjust a photo to match a specific format.


Adjust tool comes with an extensive number of features such as brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, clarity, exposure, shadows, highlights, blacks, whites, temperature, and sharpness. Those features can help to unleash your users’ creativity and produce stunning visuals. If not all adjust features are needed, their number can be limited based on user skills or use case.


The photo UI is also shipped with a large number of filters, which can be integrated unchanged, or adjusted based on specific needs. It’s also possible to upload custom filters matching in-app branding. 

Photo UI is a great tool to engage users, allow them to express themselves better, and encourage them to produce quality content.


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