How can I mute/unmute the original video sound on Android and iOS?

Android: 10.2.X

iOS: 10.23.X



To mute, before opening the editor, you need to apply the following code:

settingsList.configure<TrimSettings> {
    it.isMuted = true

After opening the editor, there is a button in the UI to mute/unmute.


To mute/unmute set up AudioModelon PhotoEditModel:

var photoEditModel = PhotoEditModel()
/// The volume mix between original audio from the video and the added overlay audio
/// (original only: -1.0, overlay only: 1.0, both: 0.0).
photoEditModel.audioModel.volumeBalance = 1
videoEditViewController = VideoEditViewController.makeVideoEditViewController(videoAsset: video, configuration: configuration, photoEditModel: photoEditModel)

This will remove the audio and just leave the overlay.