How to set default audio/music or auto-select audio/music?

Android: 10.X

iOS: 11.X

React Native: 2.10.0


Here you can find our guides:


Once you have added the audio assets here, you can set the default audio asset. Just make sure to use the correct id. 

settingsList.configure<AudioOverlaySettings> { it.audioOverlay = settingsList.config.getAssetById(AudioTrackAsset::class, "id") }


var photoEditModel = PhotoEditModel()
photoEditModel.audioModel.clips = [AudioClipModel(identifier: "trapped_in_the_upside_down")] // Identifier you want to use
let videoEditViewController = VideoEditViewController(videoAsset: video, configuration: configuration, photoEditModel: photoEditModel)
videoEditViewController.delegate = self
videoEditViewController.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
present(videoEditViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

React Native:

This can be done using the deserialization feature of the SDK. Therefore, create a serialization file in which an audio overlay is applied and load this into the editor to apply it. Please note that the serialization will only include the identifier of the audio overlay, so you will need to have an audio overlay loaded into the Configuration with the same identifier. For further reference, please have a look at the dedicated deserialization docs.