How to use custom layout Templates for photo-book and collage editing?

Define “Layouts” as custom asset type to allow users to choose from a library of ready-made layouts while keeping their current edits unchanged.

Ideal for photo book, collage, or postcard editing use cases.

Layout Templates

Layout templates feature any number of image, text, and shape placeholders. The essential constraining function of a layout template consists of the fixed position and dimension of the images in the layout. Hence image placeholders can only be replaced and cropped, that is repositioned within the specified image dimensions.


Applying Different Templates

When a new template is selected current edits are mapped onto the new layout allowing users to explore different layouts. This feature takes advantage of the CE.SDK’s headless API which enables programmatic manipulation of editor scenes such as appending and modifying blocks.

Programmatic scene updates allow for other advanced collage features such as generating dynamic layouts based on text and a collection of images.