How to automate image generation?

You can build any creative automation use case using the CE.SDK headless API.

Generate multiple designs based on your input with the help of templates. Paste a URL to autogenerate different review card designs

This showcase demonstrates a common automation use case where some data is supposed to be visualized by interpolating it into a design template. This could be product data, a promotion, or as in this case, a review meant to be published in different channels or with different brand visuals.

Interpolating Data

In this example, we are loading review data from the Yelp API and programmatically interpolate it into the three templates using CE.SDK headless API. You can enter any Yelp endpoint for a venue and it returns an array of review data such as the name of the venue, number of reviews and the overall review score, and an image URL. These are then interpolated into the template using CE.SDK’s variable and placeholder APIs, respectively.