Can I create personalized Post- & Greeting-Card Interfaces?

Yes, you can create custom UIs such as Postcard Editors or Greeting Cards.

The most important elements include:


Styles are predefined templates a user can choose from. Creating adjustable templates is a great way to jump-start users’ design process and make it easier and more accessible to a broader audience.

Design mode

After choosing a template, the editor switches to design mode, where users can adapt the design as they wish. How and which elements can be adjusted will depend on preset constraints when the template was designed. For a template that can be fully customizable, users can choose to:

  • Change accent & background color
  • Replace photos - choosing either from an asset library, or uploading their own
  • Change headings & text - including fonts, colors, and positioning
  • Add additional design elements - such as shapes or stickers

They might be able to move the elements around and change the layout completely, or just style and replace elements, depending on defined constraints.

Write mode

After personalizing the front page, users can write a personal message and address the card. They can customize the font, color, and size of the text and easily export ready design.

Generating variables

It’s also possible to use variables such as or , both in the text and address fields. Adding variables and connecting the template to a data source will allow to quickly generate custom cards with personalized messages.

With the post- & greeting- card UI, users don’t have to be tech-savvy or have design skills or knowledge to quickly and easily create print-ready postcards and greeting cards, making it a great tool for any audience.

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