Do you provide advanced Studio UI for Professionals?

The Studio UI is our editor variant for professional users granting granular control over designs and templates. Selecting individual elements opens a side panel presenting all editing options accessible through the UI. Users can also name elements and specify placeholder constraints.

Click on “Customize Editor” to explore different UI appearance, panel positioning and basic theming. There you can also switch roles from “Creator” to “Adopter”. The Studio UI is most often used to design templates from scratch since it offers the greatest flexibility for professional users. In “Creator” mode you can define placeholders and constraints creating designs to be adapted by other users in “Adopter” mode.

Placeholders give users in “Creator” mode fine grained control over how an element can be edited, e.g. whether it can be replaced or styled. This makes it possible for users to adopt these templates using the editor’s simplified Design UI.

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