VE.SDK Android v10.8.1 Release

VE.SDK v10.8.1

This release includes:

  •  Video export was limited by the frame rate limiter.
  • When the video source changes rapidly, there may be issues with the IMGLYFileReader not waiting properly. This can lead to unexpected outcomes, such as trim start and end times not being accurate.
  •  ArithmeticException in VideoCompositionSettings when source is changed
  • Kotlin 1.9.0+ compatibility issues, by using KSP.


  • Minimum compileSdkVersion version of the ui:camera and backend:camera module is now 33
  •  Replaced font 'Galano' with font 'Lexend Bold', 'Campton' with 'Outfit Bold', 'Wolesbro' with 'Cookie', and 'Amberlight' with 'Allison'.
  • KSP (Kotlin Symbol Processing) can now be activated as an alternative to KAPT (Kotlin Annotation Processing Tool) for annotation processing.
    • This feature is automatically enabled when you add the KSP plugin into your project.
    • If auto-detection fails, you can manually enable it using the following configuration: imglyConifg { useKspProcessor = true }