What are the export options for Video UI?

Refine the quality of your export with a choice of Frames per Second options. These options determine the video's smoothness and include:

  • 24 FPS
  • 30 FPS
  • 60 FPS
  • 120 FPS

Keep in mind that the chosen FPS value affects both the export duration and the file size. Opting for a higher FPS will result in extended export times and larger file sizes.

Resolution Settings

Our video export UI offers a range of preset resolutions to accommodate most scenarios, along with a custom option for unique requirements:

  • Standard Definition (HS) - 480p
  • High Definition (HD) - 720p
  • Full HD (FHD) - 1080p
  • Quad HD (2K) - 1440p
  • Ultra HD (4K) - 2160p
  • Custom - up to 4K

For a seamless user experience, consider setting a default resolution or limiting the options, ensuring your users achieve their desired final video quality effortlessly.