What are Hostnames?

A hostname is a unique string that serves as an identifier for your project within the system. To activate your IMG.LY SDK and download your license file, it is necessary to add hostnames. You can easily add hostnames in your IMG.LY dashboard by navigating to Subscriptions in the navigation bar and selecting Show for the relevant subscription plan. Edit Hostnames/IPs in the appropriate field to add your hostnames.

When adding hostnames, you have the flexibility to use characters, special signs, or numbers. You can add multiple hostnames for the same product to accommodate different stages of development. It's important to note that you can only add an IP address if no hostname has been added. The SDK validates the entered value using the window.location.hostname property, so the value must match. To separate different hostnames, simply use a comma (',') without any spaces in-between. Additionally, please keep in mind that each new project requires a new subscription and is considered its own separate entity.

To configure your hostnames and download the license file, log into your dashboard, click on Subscriptions in the navigation bar, and select Show for the corresponding subscription plan. Click on Edit Hostnames/IPs to input your hostname as a URL or a numeric IP address. Once you have entered your hostnames, click on SAVE and then on Download License to initiate the automatic download. Finally, insert the downloaded license file into the respective SDK and follow our guides to activate your project. With these steps completed, you are ready to proceed.