What are the supported formats for design exports?

Default export file formats for CE.SDK are JPG, PNG, and PDF, however, you can also include TGA and BIN formats if needed.

Please note that exporting a scene with more than one page may result in transparent areas between the pages, we recommend exporting the individual pages instead.

Exporting as JPEG drops any transparency on the final image and may lead to unexpected results.

Quality Settings

You can control the quality of the export file by choosing between provided options:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high
  • Maximum

Please note that the quality of the design impacts the export duration and the file size, higher quality will result in a longer export time and a bigger file size.

Available Resolutions

CreativeEditor includes preset resolutions that should cover most of the use cases and a custom option for individual needs:

  • Small - 540 x 540 px
  • Original - 1080 x 1080 px
  • Large - 1620 x 1620 px
  • Huge - 2160 x 2160 px
  • Custom - up to 4000 px

To simplify the process for your users you can choose a default resolution or limit the options to ensure the final quality of the design.


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