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What are the supported languages for the CE.SDK UI?


Our language support has two components:
  1. Translating the CE.SDK Editor UI Labels

a. German and english are shipped with the editor and can be simply turned on. Labels in other languages can be provided, even with other Alphabets.

2. Using different glyphs inside text blocks on the canvas

a. We support all unicode characters that the selected typeface supports. That means that we support e.g also the following fonts if the text block is using a font that supports these languages.
  1. Kyrilic Langugages (Russian, Bulgarian);
  2. Arabic, Persian;
  3. Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese.
b. However, we currently do not ship per default with typefaces that support these characters

c. See a demonstration of Japanese glyphs inside a text block here.

You can learn more about our translation options by checking our showcases.