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What is the maximum input/output resolution?

Please notice: 

  • Maximum input resolution (4096px): This is the maximum resolution at which the editor renders embedded images. When loading an image from an external source, i.e. from Unsplash, it gets resized to 4096x4096 before being rendered onto the canvas. This value is a balance between visual quality and performance and can be modified by setting the maxImageSize setting (see docs)
  • The output resolution doesn't have a hard limit and can theoretically go as high as 16.384x16.384

As the CE.SDK performs all processing on the client, both settings rely on the maximum texture size of the client the editor is running on. 4096 is the minimum required value here and will always work. Larger values (such as 8192px) may work on a specific device, but may cause an error during export on another.