Why is my the editor showing "Invalid App Bundle Identifiers"?

Check your bundle identifiers configuration for your license inside you IMG.LY Backend

Product: CE.SDK

All our license keys are bound to specific "bundle identifiers" to make sure that your license is not used by 3rd parties.

This bundle identifier can be specified for each license inside our IMG.LY Backend.

Platform Web

For CE.SDK Web, your "bundle identifier" is essentially the hostname where your webpage is hosted. We compare your configured "bundle identifier"  with the value of window.location.hostname.
When setting up your IMG.LY license key:
  • Use localhost for development environments, like when testing locally on localhost:3000.
  • You can use wildcards (*) to allow subdomains, e.g like *.img.ly allows all subdomains of img.ly
For CE.SDK iOS and Android, enter the bundle identifiers for your app. 

Product: PV/E.SDK

Facing an error message of "invalid app bundle identifiers"? This is typically due to a mismatch between the app bundle identifiers and the window.location.hostname value. Bundle identifiers should not include the 'www.' as a prefix.

Steps to Fix:

  1. Update Bundle Identifiers: Remove the 'www.' prefix from your bundle identifiers in your backend settings.

  2. Download New License: After updating, download the new license and update your project.

Please note, if you're integrating a web view in a Flutter web application, this should not impact the vanilla JS integration with the photo editor.

For further help, reach out to our support team!